"I was so frustrated I was about to give up" (Bill W. Texas (57)

By the time Bill found us he had tried just about everything under the sun.


On the way to work, he heard a radio ad for Shockwave Therapy at a local office. 

It sounded promising, so he decided to schedule a consultation with the office

"These guys wanted a couple thousand dollars for 6 times going up there. When I asked him if I was gonna be cured he just said that I'll need to come back in a couple of months to keep everything going."


"A couple thousand dollars", and "come back in a couple months?"...

Bill readily admits he was skeptical:

" Honestly it was a last ditch effort to get everything going you know? I had to try it at least"

He said he was "hesitant" to spend so much money, but "it would be worth every penny if it worked". 


6 sessions later..

When we asked Bill to speak about what happened after the treatments, he got shy.  He didn't want to go into detail. 

"Lets just say everything started workin' again."

FastForward>>> 3 Months Later

"They started callin', askin when I was gonna come back up there for my new appointments."

Bill says he was "disappointed" because he didn't expect everything--all his results to go away so quickly. He liked the therapy but he "couldn't stomach shelling out a couple thousand more dollars."


"So, I started searching for something else, and thats when I found you guys."


We explained to him that he can get the SAME exact results from our BMPotent Home device, without all the costly follow up. 

We let him know that he will own the device and can use it whenever he wants, without having to get poked and prodded at the doctor. Without having to go to follow up appointments.

"without having to go to follow up appointments."

Bill has since been a loyal member and a good friend. 

" I just keep at it a couple times a week and I ain't gotta worry about it no more."


Bill was kind enough to share his story with us in detail to illustrate a point.

BMPotent™ at home is just as effective as all of these office visits. 

 Key Differences

  1. BMPotent™ is 1/3 the Price
  2. BMPotent™ Allows you to Keep the Device
  3. BMPotent™ offers 50 day Guarantee


"I guess there are two ways to skin a cat." ~Bill 


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