Wave technology isn't a snake oil, fly by night approach. These are actual controlled studies with men, diabetic men, men with vascular disease, men taking PDE5 inhibitors, older men, younger men—all of them have seen smashing results.

BMPotent™ uses a similar technology, less intense, designed for use at home.

Studies as they relate to Erectile Dysfunction


  •  Journal of Sexual Medicine "improved in 85% of the cases, good result in 10%... The average increase in the IIEF-EF domain score was 8.8 points." 

  • Journal of Sexual Medicine 2012 "Penile LI-ESWT is a new modality that has the potential to treat a subgroup of severe ED patients"
  • Journal of Sexual Medicine 2016 "LIST may have a fundamental effect on penile endothelial function, increasing penile blood flow, and improving erectile function and consequently sexual satisfaction."
  • Journal of Sexual Medicine 2016 "significant increases in the duration of the erections and penile rigidity 
  • Hong Kong Urological Association Annual Scientific Meeting 2014 "safe, noninvasive… improvement of IIEF; EHS; EDITS scores and spontaneous erection without PDE5i and morning erection in this study". 
  • Journal of Urology 2015 "Li-ESWT was demonstrated to be safe and effective for the treatment of ED in men considered responders as well as non-responders to PDE5i therapy." 
  • Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece"Such results offer objective and subjective documentation of the value of this novel treatment modality for men with vasculogenic ED."
  • Ankur Healthcare Private Limited, Bangalore, India "LI-ESWT demonstrated a positive long term clinical effect with improvement in erectile function of Indian men… attractive new therapeutic option for men with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction."