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After 5 years and countless success stories, Aether for Men has restored male sexual performance at home, in private in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

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We make it easy to get wave therapy affordably-get started for as little as $69/month. If you choose to pay monthly, we will ship right after the low down payment is made... no waiting.

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After you receive your device, its time to get serious about getting results. We send you a step by step video and our 7 day/week support will help you along the way. Over 85% of men will get results by following the steps

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After using the device for an average of 6 weeks, your results will speak for themselves. As with any wave therapy solution, maintenance sessions are required. Now that you own the device, its easy to do your follow up sessions.


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Misconceptions about Wave therapy

1. It has to be expensive to work.

2. Bigger machines are always better.

3. Using the machine is the only thing required to achieve maximum results.

We will show you, unequivocally, how each of these misconceptions are in err with a proven approach that has worked for literally thousands of men.

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If you don't love your results after having used the machine for 50 days, send it back to us!*

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